Our services for opticians

Hoya has a range of state-of-the-art support tools offering a broad range of services to help meet opticians’ business needs. Hoya provides its partners with tools to enhance the shop experience, services for process optimisation and training support.

Shop experience


The visuReal® video centring system provides a precise measurement which guarantees a perfect centring of spectacle lenses. visuReal® enhances your service to your customers. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it automatically and quickly determines all the important parameters you require to manufacture a pair of spectacles. The result: satisfied and loyal customers. Click to learn more about visuReal®.

visuReal Portable

Based on Hoya’s well-known video measurement system visuReal, the visuReal Portable app allows you to take accurate measurements anywhere within your practice. Accentuate your high tech image to your customers and stand out from the crowd. Click to learn more about visuReal Portable.

Hoya Vision Consultant

Hoya Vision Consultant supports you as you guide your customers through the process, from entering their prescription data to ordering the final product. Clear illustrations and animations help to explain your customer’s visual shortcomings, while various comparison possibilities help them to choose the best design, material and coating. A great way to engage your customer and show them their quality options. Click to learn more about Hoya Vision Consultant..

HVC Viewer

This is our first app with fully interactive Augmented Reality for the perfect consumer-oriented sales consultation. An easy way of making the visual effects of different spectacle lenses understandable for customers before they buy them. Click to learn more about HVC Viewer.

HVC Look

Developed for the iPad, HVC Look allows customers to see right away how the new glasses fit them and how the given prescription or material will affect their look. You can take a photo of your customer wearing a frame from the store display, or use a selection of simulation frames from the app. By entering the prescription and chosen lens material, HVC Look will simulate and show the effect on your customer’s appearance. They can instantly see the difference and make good decisions when buying a new pair of glasses. Click to learn more about HVC Look.

Hoya iDentifier

With the new Hoya iDentifier, all elements that can influence the choice of the appropriate far, near and intermediate area are recorded step by step. Information recorded with visuReal, visuReal Portable, HoyaiLog and Hoya Vision Consultant will be automatically populated. Ordering is easy, as all information is transferred with the click of a button. For the clearest, most stable vision when it matters most. Click to learn more about Hoya iDentifier.

Process optimisation


HoyaiLink is a set of tools that work together seamlessly for your business. With HoyaiLink, Hoya offers specially designed services to make your work easier and more efficient. An integrated set of tools to fit your needs, now and in the future. Click to learn more about HoyaiLink.


Hoyanet is a web portal with a broad package of information, products and services for Hoya clients. Designed to support you, you will have access to a range of information about products, sales promotions and marketing. This will help you to enhance your business and marketing efficiency. Click to learn more about Hoyanet.

Hoyanet App

Simply log in and all of the features of Hoyanet are at your fingertips. From your turnover and sales statistics and tracking your orders to the latest Hoya news. Keeping you up-to-date anytime, anywhere. Click to learn more about the Hoyanet App.